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“My dream was to run my own restaurant and after giving up teaching full time to pursue my dreams, with my husband Alex, we discovered this beautiful building at Woodbridge”.

Emma Cole, Owner

The Boathouse sits on the old site of Whisstocks Boatyard which dates back to 1926 and was in operation until the 1990s, building dinghies, fishing boats, lifeboats and private yachts over the decades.

Our interior draws inspiration from the magnificent nautical history of the site - with our styling and branding designed to be both in keeping with and to celebrate the history of the

Combining the traditional with the contemporary, our interior has an industrial, rustic feel that references the sites nautical past, with upcycled vintage furniture sitting alongside new
contemporary pieces.

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TheChandlery 13_credit Place Photography

We are doing all we can to keep our customers and staff safe including:

  • Hand sanitising
  • All staff are testing twice a week before coming to work
  • Because we are testing, we arent wearing masks, however, if you require your waiter/waitress to wear one, you can request it
  • Extra cleaning of high touch areas
  • Reduction of staff mixing
  • Table service inside
  • Card payments where possible

Our journey has been a rocky one and we haven’t opened under normal circumstances.

We have had to adapt and change our menus and opening hours taking this into account. We may be slower at times due to a reduction in staff and ask that you bear with us in these difficult times. If you would like to give some constructive criticism to help us improve and move forward we would like to hear from you via email - this is a much better approach to help small businesses like ours than bad social media exposure.

We would like to thank everyone that has supported us over the past few months, it means so much to see a friendly face in an isolating world!

Gift Vouchers

Looking for a special gift?

We sell gift vouchers for all occasions.

Call, or drop in for more information.